Canadian Beeswax Chandlers Guild - Assurance of Quality

" Canadian Beeswax Chandlers Guild "

" Encouraging the ethical promotion and production of quality affordable beeswax candles "

The Canadian Beeswax Chandlers Guild has been established in an effort to increase the level
of the quality and affordabilty of beeswax candles in the marketplace, through a set of
standards as set out by Members of the Guild , and monitored by Members of the Guild.

Members must meet and maintain a standard of quality , honesty and integrity. Applicants must
submit samples for testing and agree to a code of ethics before being accepted as a member.
Any company accepted into the Canadian Beeswax Chandlers Guild is authorized to display a
Guild Member's Shield signifying a high standard of quality of their product and ethical
behaviour in the promotion of their product. Membership can and will be revoked upon
failure to maintain such level of standards of the Guild. There is no fee for Membership.
Applications are welcomed and encouraged.

The Membership Committee is made up of Members of the Canadian Beeswax
Chandlers Guild and will be jurying applicants based on the following criteria:

quality of raw materials
quality of workmanship
educational component of website and promo material
factual accuracy of website and promo material
quality of burn
uniqueness of style of product
purity of product
environmentally friendly operating practices
ethical business practices

The Membership Committee will respond to complaints from consumers
and other members of the Guild , and assist in the resolution.

Benefits of Membership

Collective voice in issues affecting the beeswax candle industry.

Recognition of attaining a standard of quality and integrity.

Sharing of ideas and support from fellow Guild members.

Buying power of a group resulting in reduced costs of supplies.

Website listing and link.


Bee Kind Organics
Boulter , ON.

Buzz Lites
Arden , ON.

Creighton Valley Apiaries
Lumby , B.C.

Dharma Light
Toronto , ON.

Free Spirit Candles
Hagersville , ON.

Honey Pie Hives and Herbals
Milford , ON.

Gores Landing , ON.

The Bee and Me
Dunnville , ON.

Tweedle Bee Candles
Tweed , ON.

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